Gentoo penguins with white patches behind the eyes
Happiness is sun tanning one side...
... then the other !
"I don't know where is mom, but OK if i stay with you ?"
"I smell.. tourists !"
Penile opening in a young male
The pipit
"I need a rhinoplasty (proboscoplasty ?)"
Sand sunscreen
Why  open both nostrils when one suffice ?
Cataract ?
Establishing rank
"Can anyone scratch me there ?"
Booger in flight
Elephant seals and many other pinnipeds have delayed implantation so that the fertilized embryo does not implant until 7 months before the delivery in January. Also no problems of cephalopelvic disproportion: the pelvic girdle is loose with just a ligamentous connection between the pubis bones.
Tiny tail between the hind limbs
Full and warm
King penguins everywhere !
Resting on their heel
Sleepy penguins
Some places are hard to reach !
Gentoo penguin
Penguin dating
Looking for weak chicks
White Sheatbill
"Me ?? You are kidding ??"
Scratch from fights !
"Wrong way ! I will bite you !"
Tiny nipples
Inter species love
No... that is the tail !

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