Giant Petrel fierce look
Elephant seals aligned like hot-dogs in a pack
White-color morph of the Southern Giant Petrel (15% of the SGP)
The aptly-named Chinstrap penguins 
Snowy Sheathbill the only Antarctic birds without webbed feet.
Got one!
Chinstraps penguins
Those eyes !
Another !
Beautiful early sunlight on the splashing water
Catching the early rays of the sun
"I keep an eye on you !"
Imperial shags
All alone!
"I need a tissue !"
Kings going for breakfast
Southern Giant Petrel eating a dead seal pup
Macaroni penguins
... with their cute hairdo ! (Crest !)
Slippery slope !
The plunge !
A very hard climb to the hill
Synchronized diving
Time for a cleanup !

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