Grytviken was a very large "whaling" station: a place where murdered whales (for their oil !!!!!!!) were "processed" in very large quantities by atrociously brutal class of subhumans. Some of the rusting equipment is still visible. The whole non-sense ended finally at the end of 1966.
The coast is pretty tall mountains (hard to judge from a distance with no yardstick such as tree or buildings). The mountains drop rather precipitously into the sea with few areas for a boat to land or penguins to come ashore. A few glaciers enter directly in the sea.
Seal jumping in and out of the water
Pipa the naturalist bringing "officials" to lecture and inspect the boat
Imperial shags with their saffron-yellow caruncles at the nose
Fur seal and pup
Big eyes !
Young adults keep testing each other in mock fights
An mother Elephant Seal, with lots of buggers !
Big vulva!
Young seals act very much like little puppies and try to intimidate you by mock attacks. 
Seal milk is very rich in fat (up to 60%, like drinking melted ice-cream; human milk is 3-5%) and the pup empties one nipple then move to the next one
...while the mother does not let other pups feed from her!
Seal scratch all the time !
Some of the mock fight result is minor injuries
Elephant seals can open 0, 1 or both nostrils
Old machinery
The chains to pull the whale onto shore
Sharp little teeth!
But time for a cleanup !
Big yawn !
"How is my manicure ?"
Not the tail ! The lower limbs !
Great irony !  A sunken ship used as a playground !
"Don't poke me !"  "Don't bite me !"
"It's MY rock !"
Elephant seals are also molting !
60% cream ! Like melted ice-cream ! Yummy !
Views of the north coast of South Georgia
This little fella found refuge in the neuroforamina of a whale cervical vertebra (Atlas ? note the articular surfaces on the left)

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