About to fall !
Little people on a big landscape !
Note the remarkable variety of sky colors in 2 hours
Imperial shags
Enjoying the sun's warmth
Like notes on a staff
Amazing blue, and this is a minute away (but a large angle away) from the previous images
Looks like he is at a urinal :D
Lenticular clouds (left) are stationary ("lens" shaped) clouds that form on the downwind side of the crests of large-scale standing waves caused by mountains. Their shape and stability help identify them.
A good amount of work to find and carry all this mud for the nest !
"My nest is not as tall as hers !"
The same lenticular clouds later on, no change in position.
Old British Base A transformed in a museum
So many different blue !
Chantilly covered chocolate cake !
A leopard seal intent on biting the Zodiac !
... and diving right under !
Thao caught the leopard seal under water (polarizing filter !)
...and along the Zodiac.
Coming after us! No hands outside the Zodiac !
A Blue Whale skeleton
In Rorquals (whales with pleated throat, so they can gulp great amount of water and filtrate the it thru their baleen) the mandibles are not hinged to the skull so that they can gape more.
Here comes the Leopard seal again !
He made an attempt at biting the Zodiac that another passenger caught "on film"
This Gentoo wanted to move the pole :)

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