King penguin dating
Shed down everywhere ! I wanted to save some for a comforter !
They swirl with the gust of wind like autumns leaves
A cervical vertebra, maybe Elephant seal ?
Two young male elephant seal jousting
Bigger is better !
I envy their flexible spine and their opisthotonic position
The girls are watching from a distance, uninterested in those young males
Small nipples to 1) not get frozen in the water and 2) abraded on land !
A myriad penguin
The retreating glacier
She has pretty eyes !
I wanted a picture next to her so that for once I would not be the big one on the picture :D
Fur seal move almost like kids with caudal regression syndrome, with the 2 legs almost as one unit, instead of lateralisation of limb motion
Probably an elephant seal leg, and possibly a tibio-fibular synostosis
Great back !
According to their proboscis size these are very young males, less then 5 years
The penguin whisperer
"I love your neck !"
"Close your beak, flattery will get you nowhere !"
Leucistic pups are due to a recessive loss-of-function mutation in the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) affecting the G-protein. A substitution of a serine (a polar amino acid) by phenylalanine (an hydrophobic amino acid). The pup has to be homozygote for this allele. A loss or impairment of MC1R function shifts the balance of pigment production in favor of pheomelanin (yellow) from  (brown) eumelanin, and is usually expressed as yellow or red coat or hair. Cream‐colored pups are unlikely to suffer disproportionately from the harmful effects of inbreeding depression because they don’t have reduced genome‐wide heterozygosity. The prevalence of "blondies" among pups was 1.6%, among breeding female 0.06% and 0.04% in territorial males, thus survival is not affected since with only 1/450 male pups reaching territorial status, the presence of 1/1940 territorial male means no handicap.
Cream with chocolate legs
Pelvic bone of Elephant seal with shallow acetabulum, and thin iliac wing
Another cervical vertebra
Left mandible of (probably male) Elephant seal with large masseter fossa and socket for canine

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