This is a neat place: some gigantic caldera about 13 km in diameter. When the volcano erupted it was a massive eruption (10.000 years ago), 30 cubic km of material were ejected!!! The resulting caldera has a breach on one side and the sea filled it! This created a very protected harbor. However, the volcano is still active and a few years ago the water in the caldera was so hot it peeled the paint of ships and an eruption 10 years or so ago buried several research buildings under mud. The consequence is that very little marine mammals live here: it is too hot for them! Few birds either! So, to me it was Deception island because not much to take pictures of.
A pillar guards the opening of the caldera
The breach through the caldera
Neptune window, viewed from the caldera
Old whaling tanks
The ship's flag: lots of wind to keep it so straight
Dropping the anchor
Lava gravel beach
A few fur seals
In Artarctica, broken debris are not "trash" they are "historical landmarks" ha ha ! :D
2 old stranded broken boats, the type used by Shackelton on his rescue from Elephant Island to South Georgia, were there and it made us admire that Shackelton and his 5 guys could survive in those let alone navigate 1300 km!
Some whale bone I couldn't identify
Lahar from a recent subglacial eruptions (1967-1969) swallowed some buildings. The volcano is an uncommon type, neither due to plate subduction (Mt St Helens) nor hotspot (Hawai) but apparently a gap between continental plate rifting pass each other.
Penguins have big orbits !
Gentoo penguins
Dolphin seagull colony
Colorful lichens
Imperial shags
Location, location, location :D
Waves crashing. Green tint from algae that survive in the warmer water
Neptune's window from the sea side. A few people are on the top, with seals and
Elephant seals and the bottom of the cliff

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