Fist stop in Las Malvinas
This tiny island has one farm and I guess the farmer must be happy to get visitors and their associated $! Nothing much but a few nice birds in the shore. This was our first zodiac ride and we could land and return without much problem.
Striated Caracara, a small falcon-like bird that lives from carrion and weak or injured bird and other small animals
Taking off !
The nictitating membrane, compare the appearance of the eye with the following image.
Tussac Bird with a tiny worm in his beak
Senecio candicans (Yellow Sea cabbage)
Pied Oystercatcher
Senecio candicans (Yellow Sea cabbage)
Falkland Thrush with a red worm caught in the sand
Patagonian Crested Duck 
Black Oystercatcher
Note the symmetry of position of the Pied and Black Oystercatcher on this and the next image
Kelp geese with white male and striated brown female
"Got one !"
Falkland Thrush
She said...
...he said !
Digging in the kelp !
Upland geese
Taking off !
Falkland steamer duck: his wings are too short to fly and he uses them for paddle
Rock shag (Cormorant)
Minke whale (possible)
Black Guillemot escaping in front of the boat (they ended up diving !)
Large cervical vertebra of a marine mammal 
Maybe (???) Atlas-Axis (note the shape of the partially hidden vertebra
Pretty kelp
An illium, ischium and pubis washed by the sea
Yellow lichen on shore rocks
The bay and the ship (Ortelius)
Probably a seal femur (their humerus has a marked ridge for muscle insertion)
Hard life !
The bay
... and the ship (Ortelius) where we lived 3 weeks

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