Watch out for Elephant jam !
This one looks a little frightened !
Snorkeling near mom !
Note how they swim in a tight group 
For directions, take a peak...
...and check the periscope !
Almost like in Disney's Dumbo: holding the tail with the trunk
"Too deep here ! I can't touch anymore !"
We are coming to you !
This was late in the afternoon and the following images are after sunset. 
"We go this way !"
This mother has a young one behind her, and a baby gripping with his trunk draped over hers as he is tired.
Finally land !! Zambia
These pictures were obtained with very high ISO of 52.000 !!!
The banks were not easy to access everywhere !
Mom I am tired !! Carry me !
"At least let me rest on your back !"
"The bank is too high !!"
"That kid is a whiner !"
Good night !

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