A mother and cub
The mother unfortunately has a GPS tracker (unfortunately for the pictures, probably good for the bear scientists !)(she had gone in town, was anesthetized and fitted with a collar)
"Hurry up kid !"
Shake, shake, shake !
"Mom all these kelps you want me to eat !!!!!! They have to pass !"
"You need to learn to read all those messages !"
"Mom, what's a salmon ?"
"Don't listen to your brown cousin ! We eat Seals! That is real food !"
"Where is a Polar Bear Coke when you need one ?"
Hard to scratch through thick fur !
"I can see very far !"
"Look before you cross the tundra road!"
Another mother and cub, this one practising pouncing !
"Mom I need to practice THAT too !"
"Not with me Oedipus !"
"Off you go !"
"Or I'll bite it off !!"
"Mom.... you are no fun !"

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