Bisons in the snow in West Yellowstone
Shovelling the snow to get at the grass
Yes, the snowmobiles stopped for the old bull !
In the snowfall
Got milk ?
"Grouchy old boy" deep in the snow
Photographers talk about "portrait" of wildlife where the face fills the frame, but they also like "environmental" pictures where the animal is depicted in its natural surrounding. I suspect that quite a few "environmental" pictures are actually the lack of a longer lensย ๐Ÿ˜Š, as in this case !
"Are you free tonight ?"
Mom and calf
Shoveling snow to get at the grass underneath
... a lot of work for little reward !
Butts to the wind
"Mom, it's cold !"
This one walked by us while we were taking photographs. Bisons look a LOT bigger when we are on foot and not in a car ! And they can walk rather silently (to my deaf ears ๐Ÿ˜). He sneaked up on us, until the guide noticed him. However, he was modestly interested in us and went his own way.

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