Night drive... just one elephant
A young male ...
Morning jogging!
Interestingly he was not eating the leaves, just ripping them off and eating the supporting twig.
He ended up eating that whole branch
What does a shy wild elephant do when he sees a nude tourist ?
He tries to avoid looking like he is looking :D
If you catch the tiger by the tail, he can bite yours back !
Elephants and traffic jam !
 When elephants are on the road, park ranger constantly monitor them so there is no traffic accidents and they were doing a super job. The elephants seems familiar with the cars but could rapidly show dissatisfaction and face an incoming car. Better to know how to drive in reverse when that happens!!
Too narrow !!
No more then 60 :)
"Can you drive in reverse ?"
"How fast ?"
"Time to go !"
Wildlife viewing in the jungle is much harder then in the African savanna!! 
In the jungle  the visibility is at best 20 meters. 
Domesticated elephants.
After the visit we went to see domesticated elephants. It was a little sad to see them chained but they had no injuries and the tourist could buy bananas and sugar cane to give them. The 3 girls loved that and Hannah, the little one, was fearless, going very close to the big trunk.
Thao was clearly less comfortable 
Hannah and her pink elephant !
"I scratch your nose if you don't scratch mine"
Pon was not too sure either
The prehensile capability of the trunk is really impressive: they could pick a dropped banana without scooping the dirt around.
I always admire elephant feet!! No cracks ! How do they do ?
Just amazing what they can do !
Shower time
Uber anyone ?
Aiko's drawing in the evening!

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