The previous posts about tigers may have given the impression that you just show up and click away. Well, not quite! Here are some more typical encounters. This is all you could see --very far--...
...after a ridiculous long wait in a crowded queue!
Same story here
This is what you see with naked eye or cellphone. Where is the tiger ?? On the right side of the river there is an indentation about mid length, with a round dark bush on the right. The tiger is between the bush and the water !
With the long lens (500mm and high recropping) here is the tiger. 
The next series of image was obtained over about 45 min. Very little activity from this tiger !
Look left...
... then look right !!!
... and turn around 😊
So we went around the bush to see the other side. This tiger acted as a government employee 😎, he knew the park closes at 6 pm, thus the tourist have to leave at 5pm so why on earth move before that 😂🤣
"The cackling of those tourists is so boring !"
Aside from little motion, this tiger was behind tall grasses and getting a shot behind or without grasses was not easy.

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