Capibara, with nasty scar on his shoulders.
Grey-necked wood rail
"Don't poke me or IĀ chisel you !"
Female Anhinga
Female Ringed Kingfisher have a bluish-gray band seen on upper breast and a whitish band
.. bringing dinner home !
Male Ringed Kingfisher: no blue bra !
White egretĀ also known as Garca-Branca-Grande in Brazil.
Male Anhinga...
... and Female Anhinga
Black-collared Hawk
Taking flight
Wattled Jacana
Weaver bird nest
Ringed Kingfisher: boy or girl ? See above for answer :)
Grouchy-looking Giant Otter
Black Howler (Black is male, the tan one is the female)
Buff-necked ibis
Black Howler male
Black Howler female
Those eyes !

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