A "domesticated" elephant feeding on bamboo, note the terrible chain used as a hobble on the front legs !
Somehow I don't like the idea of domesticated elephant (I know this is illogical because I don't have the same aversion for horses but horses), but in this case the elephants are used in the anti poaching brigades...
Note the anachronism between the mahout with his tiny bamboo stick and his cellphone on the other hand. Actually it makes a lot of sense: if you find a poacher you need to call the reinforcement !
No hobbles on this one 🤗
Mother and calf
The younger guy, not only had tight hobbles that prevented him from walking normally (he had to hop with both front legs to keep up) but he was also tethered by the chain on the ground to the bigger elephant on the left. 
Hard to watch !
And to finish with total horror: a nursing sow feeds on left over burned garbage, eating plenty of plastic scraps. Her piglet and herself will one day be eaten by local ! Just awful.

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