Among all the wildlife it is difficult to isolate a "favorite", but clearly monkeys have a special place as we share so many behaviors and facial expressions. Big cats are also special for me for several reasons. 
1) Their class as predators gives them a more "intelligent" face (let's say then herbivores-no offense to bisons, yak and gaur). 
2) The familiarity of their behaviors from having had Felis Domesticus at home for most of my life helps better predict their movements and position. When I mentioned to the guide that the tiger rolling on his back to show his belly was the same behavior as our male cat requesting a belly-rub, the guide asked me if I volunteered to give a belly rub to the tiger 🤣

3) Finally, how can one watch tigers and not mentally remember all the cartoons of Calvin and Hobbes?

Don't step on the tiger !
Tigers are very hard to see. We endured 80 hours of very uncomfortable jeep rides to see them for just 2 times for a few minutes. They can stay immobile for hours, lay flat in deep vegetation and are master at hiding with their beautiful pelage.
Therefore, I readily admit that when we could see them, we did pretty non-stop pictures. An additional reason is that we are rarely close to the tiger and viewing them through a long lense makes them much more visible.
All this preamble to admit that, yes, I could have been more selective in the pictures I posted, but this is the only and last time I will ever see tigers and I just could not sacrifice more images 😢 ! So just enjoy seeing those few tigers in many positions and lights.

Note the scratch marks on the second tree from the left. These are made by tigers to mark their territory. They also make scent marks but of course not visible on photography 😊
This is  a composite image of the same tiger in different positions, not identical twin tigers 😊
This is  a composite image of the same tiger in different positions, not identical triplet tigers 😊
Early morning sunbathing (that was the ONE time it paid off getting up at 5:30 am !)
Big yawn
Time to go to explore !
Carefully evaluating the step !
Keep your hands in the jeep and don't drop your camera !
Our cat didn't like when we shuffled his vibrissae, I wonder...
Young tigers have pink noses that turn progressively more black with age.

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