Eating tiny leaves in a thorny tree, much like giraffe do with acacias
Majestic position but Sambar seem to always have ruggy fur that are in need of a good shampoo. Actually they roll in their pee, to enhance their sex appeal (no kidding), they can also pee on their own face as they have a highly mobile penis (no pictures sorry !)
"That chewing gum sticks in my teeth !"
Ear and tick cleanup. Unlike animals in Africa they dont seem to mind the ear incursions.
Bad hair day !
They are very good in water and eat aquatic plants
I liked the backlit silhouettes
Testing for readiness. They also do the Flehmen response
That little boy, on the right , is learning from Dad !
Graceful running in the water
Actually there was a marsh crocodile really close but they did not appear to be much concerned
Doing like Mom
Nice red algae
This doe had detected a tiger. While others continue to graze, she was in high alert, hitting the ground with her paw, keeping this stiff posture and pooking (a sort of bark that sounded like the air horn of a truck !)
Cleaning one ear...
... then the other
Bad wounds !
When they fight they try to lock the antler of the other deer with one brow tine and use the fork from the distal point to twist the head of the other deer.
An older male watch the young contestants
Not blocking the antler of the opponent has consequences !
I'd be concerned for my carrotids !
...or my eyes !!
The twisting motion
The sambar equivalent to arm-wrestling
Defeated and bleeding in the ear
A chital fawn among Sambar

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