Marabou with his gular sac, which I had though was a fish in his throat !! :D 
Hard to walk on twigs with such a heavy body
Southern giraffe
Burhinus vermiculatus (Water Thick-knee) a bird living on river's edges, bushes and woodlands
Juveniles have a white breast
Pretty red eye !
Happy hippos ! Mom and baby
I keep an eye on you !
White-fronted bee-eater building colonies of burrows in the Zambezi banks
Superb acrobatic flyers
Shooting the breeze after a hot day ...
"Look at her !"
Sunset on the Zambesi
This heard of elephants were drinking 15-20 min after sunset. The ISO on several picture was around 18.000 ! 
Rather inefficient drinkers !
What could feel better then a dusting after a drink ?
... except a mud bath !!
"Hop hop, my turn, get out of there !"
"I am stuck !"
Huffing and puffing !
Happy youngster !
Pretty butt !

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