White-headed marsh tyrant (male). Insectivore
Wattled jacana. They have very big feet (see another picture further down) that allow them to walk on floating vegetation. The male incubate, and the females are polyandrous. The white parts of their wings (next picture) is not visible when they are not flying.
Southern screamer. Vegetarian and monogamous. Loud scream as the name suggests :)
Southern lapwing. Note the crest !
Scimitar-billed woodcreeper
Fork-tailed flycatcher, insectivore
Southern screamer couple
White-headed marsh tyrant
Giant Wood-Rail lifting vegetation so her chick can identify food underneath.
Wattled jacana...
... with his long feet!
Brazilian Teal duck
Bare-faced IbisĀ 
Male Great white Egret in flight
Guira cuckoo. Eat small birds, eggs, insects, mice.., not a good flyer
Southern lapwing, with reflection !
Neotropic Cormorant. They have very green eyes
Bare-faced Ibis
South American Stilt
Giant wood-rail
Great white egret
White-necked (or Cocoi) heron
Bare faced ibis
Scarlet-headed Blackbird
Amazon Kingfisher turning a fish to swallow it
They look like they are waiting for the bus...
Hard to take-off
Great Kiskadee
Rufescent tiger-heron

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