White stork
Barakh Khan Madrasah
A group of artisans doing beautiful work. This is a plate made of walnut.
Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum
The pretty horse chestnuts
Sherdor Madrassah
Local costumes !
Beautiful ceiling
Ali Baba and the 40 thiefs
This is a remarkable piece of woodwork. A single slab of walnut is expertly cut so as to obtain those 6 interlocking pieces. They have not been separated and reglued, just separate but kept together from the initial slab.  The resulting object is a book holder (Quran in this case) that can keep the book open at various heights. Truly amazing craft.
Some string instruments including Rubab, Sato, Surnay and Dutor
Clay figurines
Metal working for swords
Carpet weaving
A stork nest
"Off with his head !"
Beautiful ceramic work
The Bactrian camel !
Tired tourists
Gold teeth are a mark of prosperity in Uzbekistan, not a sign of poor dental hygiene !
... and people gladly show they gold teeth !

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