Bravo Thao on a scary suspended bridge!
That thin line on the rock is... the road !! No drunk drivers here !
Interesting layering of the strata
This is "fat-tail" sheep country
A wolf in sheep's cloth !
Artiodactyls have priority 
The black sheep
A local militia man
Historical Lahich. All new constructions have to respect the style.
A river... of sheep
The copper artisans
Yet more sheep
...and a few long hair goats !
Wait for the sheep !
Country food ! This tiny restaurant had ZERO marker on the road and was up a long driveway. It is only know by word of mouth.
Tasty ribs !
A beautiful peacock...
Train-rattling for our delight
...don't forget my back side !!
"Not now darling !"
Many stalls along the road sell local products, preserves and honey...
...locally made...
Our beehives look better, but his produce more !
In most countries you can buy Honey on the roadside but in Azerbaijan you can also buy a sheep...
...pick your own !
...and people will either butcher it themselves or get it all butchered to take along for a BBQ ! 
Azer had organized a Fetal Echo course, like the one in Algeria and Novosibirsk, with heart dissection (lamb here, this is a Muslim country)
At first a little squimish...
...but rapidly involved !
Show and do 

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