The stem of a Century plant flower (actually flowers after 30-40 years, then dies !)
The flower
Looks like an over sized asparagus !
A heart-shaped cactus :)
Gusanos de maguey (the worms) in the front left, and Escamoles (ants eggs, actually larvae and pupae) rear left
Worm eaters !
A prepared taco !
Nopales with a few drops of lime: very good
Prismas Basalticos, Hidalgo
Columnar basalt resulting from slow cooling of thick layer of lava. The hexagonal shape being the least amount of periphery for an enclosed area (same a honey comb for beehives, the least amount of wax to enclose a volume
Pretty organization !
Thao is not scared !
A long way to fall !
The sombrero
An interesting tree of life art in the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico City... look carefully
... made of many little vulvae 

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