The Grand Bazaar
Good looking chestnuts, but we didn't find they candied them
These are tiny watermelons 5-8 cm long (look at the bottom left, the cross section through the cardboard box
This "layered cake" is actually a preparation of multiple spices. They, obviously, build layers of various spices and customers buy a "slice" of spice that crumbles into a mix.
Lots of saffron
This machine presses sesame seeds to extract the oil and make "tahini" (for hummus in particular)
The sesame seeds
The compressed left-over
... and the extracted oil.
Trying samples
This looks like a painting but is a carpet !!
The group with Korosh next to Thao
Nice presentation for corn
The outdoor part of the market
Because of the restriction some products get their local equivalent
It was the anniversary of the Iranian revolution and they had cute anti-american posters
Tempting restaurants along the street
The candy stall
The oven for the flat bread
Although it was cold they had a clever system of heat under the tables with the heat contained by the table cloth
The Golestan palace and gardens
Exquisite tile work
...with a strong European flavor
A windcatcher !
Steady hand architectural student
Probably the only two nude women painting exhibited in the Islamic Republic of Iran
A movie and music themed restaurant

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