10-12 hours for 2 persons ?? Well it took me about 30 hours on mostly my own. Thao put another 8-10 hours sorting and finding parts and painting. The 2-4 hours tube assembly was more correct, but these were rather frustrating trying to coax recalcitrant parts in the proper position. Yet this was a very nice outcome.
A billion little screw packages, and the one I need is usually hidden behind another one !
The manual is big on screws, but dry cedar like this loves wood glue, and my moral satisfaction also wanted strong joints!
This is designed for kids... how about the fat old grand pa trying to turn around in there ??
Thao, being the lighter tested the sturdiness of the second level floor. It passed! I could risk it
Some heavy lifting involved !
The clock is perpetually set for snack time :)
Kit or not Kit... squareness depends on the builder :S
Although "prefinished", we did not trust this ti survive as well as if Thao painted 2 layers of good quality deck stain, which also gave it a nice color !
Will it hold or not ?
Watching for wild life !
Assembling the helicoidal slide was NOT easy
Definitely NOT easy !!
A little help from the Quickgrip to reshape rebellious plastic parts!
Almost final appearance, we added truck loads of wood chips to cushion the gravity effects on small children
We also lifted and build the whole structure on 4 by 4 pressure treated... again I did not trust even cedar to last long enough with ground contact!
And even a "rock wall"... Now... just add KIDS :)

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