In my uneducated mind I had always associated "jungle" with wet and lust environment, 
but here the jungle is rather dry ! (Visiting in January!)
The group
Unnamed fish
Chinese Water Dragon (an iguana!)
Epiphytes growing high in the canopy
A Giant Black squirrel, that doesn't look any bigger then our garden ones, but hard to judge with the long lens
A hornbill
Sambar deer
Pretty reflection
Duang, Pon, Hannah, Nui, Ook, Bright, Aiko, Thao, PJ 
We did a long walk in the jungle. It was really hard with ups and downs and scaling big trees across the way. But I was proud to have been able to do it. Even Thao was very tired! Duang and Nui were so attentive to me, they wanted to make sure I didn't get a heart attack 🤣. I had 3 physicians surrounding me!!
I am sure everyone recognizes the "Calotes emma alti cristatus" :)
He was pretty cute
The strangling fig tree
Thao's pretty eyes
An improvised chair
Thanks Pon and Duang for organizing this trip !!

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