Celebrating Chinese New Year
Fried grasshoppers 
Thanaka decoration made with...
... this special bark ground on special stone (note each little log sits on a stone and they are sold as a package)
They use this for cosmetic and sun protection (maybe !!, does not look very protective to me!)
Pretty script but hard to read :)
Public transportation
This is real gold, estimated to be between 9-16 ton of it.
No security at all ! I guess Buddha is a sufficient protector
Summer trying to fit the whole pagoda in one shot! 
Franti, PJ, Fede (who took all these pictures), Ya and Gwan-Jun
The maternity
When this patient came to me, my first reaction was "I do not do pediatrics!".
It turned out she was 18 complaining of primary amenorrhea!
Pont U-Bein - Amarapura
People wait for the sunset to look at the bridge. Which in spite of being pretty
ricketty and with no handrail is very popular.
Sherry, Wai and Thao
A farmer's house
Sunset over the fields
People rent boats to see the sunset on the river
A European tourist who used the tanaka for decoration
Crossing the river on motorbike !
David & I
Paddy fields with temple
Bagaya Monastery
Federico helping keep it clean :)
The monastery was built with 267 gigantic teak wood posts (Wikipedia!)
Many carvings
Sherry, Thao & Ni Tar
The 7-tiered spire
Monks studying and praying
Ni Tar with her "Mona Lisa" smile
Myint Mo Taung
An interesting set of brick buildings but to visit you have to go barefoot which makes little sense to me. I understand in closed temples where people pray on the ground but this is open air and dusty and one gets dirty feet rapidly. So if you are a convinced Buddhist or a history buff it may be worth but otherwise it can be skipped.
Chen and Ni Tar
Yandana Sinme Pagoda
The complex is dominated by a giant tree. Look the cyclist next to the tree!
Kids playing on the pagoda ground...
... which draws a reproachful look !
Worshippers in the shade
Sin Kyone fortress
This man reminded me of the Kindle Logo !
A cow with a dorsal (Brahman) hump 
A "one-boat" pollution center !
"No, no !! Ni Tar !! this is too far !!"
Muddy water laundry. Note the little child who lifted up her fancy dress and her pants
Helping mom !
A friendly smile...
... and an anxious look !
...and a beautiful model!!
Fede practices his musical skills...
...and the audience is captivated !
Maha Aung Mye Bon Zan Monastery
This brick build monastery contains a set of perpendicular archways with stepped arches. 
This couple was charmingly sharing a moment of tenderness... unsuspecting of the photographer !
This pretty young woman was posing for her brother...
until she realize I was also taking pictures and she gave me smile !
This one too was frowning to her boyfriend but threw her hairs and smiled to me :)
This one was applying makeup, until she saw my lens and run to hide behind her laughing friends :D
Never to early to practice her seductive skills: she  is 8-year old !
A future Burmese tigresse !
But her little brother is yet unimpressed....
...and he prefers to devore his sandwich !
A puppy going Coco-loco !
Hard to do with canines !

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