Southern crested Caracara 
Patagonian Mistletoe
Upland Goose
Kelp goose
...stripping the seeds from a grass stem
The impressive story we learned there was the beaver story. In 1946 the President of Argentina wanting to develop the local economy, imported 20 pairs of beavers from Canada to create a “fur economy”. Well that was an “incompletely though idea”. First the locals were not excited about trekking in the snow and water to trap animals they were not familiar with. Second, in Canada the beaver population is controlled by wolves and bear. No such predators in Tierra del Fuego! A few decades later to everyone chagrin the 20 beavers had become 100.000 (other reports say 150.000) and they were eating all the trees. Those they didn't eat, drown in the lakes they created. That was bad but the government start getting antsy when the beaver blocked culverts (which to a beaver's eye is just an incompletely finished dam). Blocking culverts meant flooded impassable roads and it required an expensive back hoe to clear. And month later the beaver had repaired the culvert/dam. The situation exploded when beavers ate a bridge build for a ski station. Time for eradication! Problem was that beavers by now were everywhere and few people want to go hunt them. Not only that, but beavers swam across sea channels to the main land of both Argentina and Chile (Ushuaya is on an island).
Chile and Argentina thus declare a joint war on beavers and trained a team of crack hunters. No news about the pelt! So now we don't see beavers just the leftover from the dams and houses.
Lago Rocca
Tren del Fun del Mundo, the End of the world train
This train was used to transport prisoner now it transport visitors :) 
Lago Escondido

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