Siberia nature around Belokurikha
Yulia and Thao
A cute chipmunk
Denis and Anton
These two nymphs were making crowns of flowers 
Modern Khloris...
...and Flora
This road was build for a visit of Putin... it goes to a piece of land that should become a ski resort
Fields of sunflowers
A bee paradise !
Yulia remembered from a long ago conversation my interest in Anthropology and we went to visit the Denisova cave. At that time it was not marked in either Google or Yandex map !
Not only did Denisovan lived here (about 40,000 years ago), but also Neanderthals and Sapiens!
The entrance
The archaeological digging
The natural chimney over the cave
Not much place to work in there !
Viewed from the inside
Several tools and hand axes found in the site...
... the oldest tool I ever touched: it gave me goose-bumps !
Denis with Denisovan tool !
... and Anton
The view from the entrance of the cave... someone was looking at nearly the same thing, 40,000 years ago, although surely the valley floor was not so far and the climate was more temperate
Nice view to reflect
Now getting a drink is a bit of a way away !
Not Denisovan genes here (mostly they went to Australian aborigines and some Pacific islanders
This is the Topol'noye river they drank from and bath in !

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