Grey morning, but as the saying goes: Bad weather makes for good pictures !
Nice sun spot pierciing through the clouds
Ribbons of clouds between peaks
The durable stone... and the ephemeral iceberg
Note the variations in rock colors within short distances and with(out) sun
Craggy above, polished below
I love these blues
Rock peak, Ice peak
Aaah, those blue lines...
The snout of the tidewater glacier
Merging lanes of glacier
GOld color, but if this had been gold there would be more then 50,000 people living in Greenland !
Cloud scarf !
Yes I did wear a sweater on occasions !
A clear ice inclusion, to me it looked like a dermoid cyst !
A river of gravel !
Retreat 😢
Donna Wood: the leaky boat we travelled in
Boading the Zodiac
How high do you guess this iceberg is ? (answer several slides below !)
These colors were NOT edited, Thao took this picture (she is the cloud lover) 
and this is straight from the camera !!!!
Golf ball-like dimples 
The top of the previous iceberg has a texture similar to trabeculr bone
Last chance.. how tall ?
Look at the Zodiac on the left...
....and now in front (but MUCH closer to us then the iceberg !)
Answer: 150 m !!! $50' the height of the Washington Monument !
This was measured by Mike with his drone.
See the "cave" in the middle ? the Zodiac in front.. and by the way not very close to it, the safety rule is to stay away by a distance 2-3 times the height of the iceberg so that if it collapse (very sudden), the boat is neither crushed nor flipped by the resulting wave.
Notice how the reflected light from the top of the ice reflects a different color (more purple) than the face of the ice
k now we REALLY are tourists ! Our picture taken in front of the "landmark" ! 🤣
There were 3 pillars. I read somewhere that the origin of such a shape is the collapse of an arch. This must have been a gigantic one !
Blues !
A "golden hour" ray reaching a lonely bergy bit (yes ! THAT is the name, I didn't make this up!
Riding in the sunset
Thao has a nice sense of composition !
More gold by the minute !
The soft-serve ice cream !

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