Sunrise near Cape Stevenson in the Scoreby Sund
Cascades from the Brede Glacier
Small ice debris appear black when backlit
The black above the waterfall is grounded stone carried by the ice of the glacier
Columnar basalt forms when thick layer of lava have time to cool down. As lava cools it contracts and the colder surface (on top) develops cracks. For entropy reasons the least number of cracks that can form tend to be hexagonal (greatest stress relief per volume enclosed), same principle why bee build hexagonal honeycombs: least amount of wax for the greatest amount of space protected.
Although hexagonal is typical, columns may have from 3 to 8 sides. As lava cools further down, the cracks propagate perpendicular to the surface, downwards making the columns. When columns are neatly parallel they for a "colonnade". Curved and fractured columns are called "entablature" and probably occur when a surface is cooled by water, either the lava cooling over wet surface or water imponded by the lava flow. 
Looks like a bunch of neatly packed spaghettis !
Many shapes of icebergs
The Sydbrae glacier with its multiple median moraines. 
Compared to the image in Google Earth it has receded a lot!
Beautifully carved icebergs
How many kind of "blue" can one get in a single picture ?
Those pretty blue lines are formed by running water filling cracks and refreezing. They have a nice translucent appearance.
Pretty sun reflections on the wavelets
The glistening surface of the iceberg
Almost a leathery surface
The fjords rocky walls
Beatifull blue inclusion line
Seagulls resting on top and behind this window
Arctic tern a bird that migrates from pole to pole twice a year (flying between 70-90,000 km !!). They are long living birds, up to 30 years.
We actually saw very few birds and I had a ravenous appetite to photograph them
This one caught a fish !
Small cave formed by wave erosion
Water, rocks... but little soil !
Wavelet erosion, then the "berg" flipped over
Northern Fulmar. Also a long living bird (30-40 years) that varies in color from all white to grey as in this little guy
"Anything good to eat on that boat ?"
Small rocks ripped and carried by glaciers may end up trapped on icebergs becoming "glacial erratic" 
(with A not O ! :))
A large arch with nice backlight
The typical U-shaped valley from glacial erosion
A seagull resting
Pretty texture and design
Pretty contrast with the eroded rock on the background and the iceberg
This one looks like a figurehead
The glacial valley and the iceberg
Small growler centered in the arch
Double arch but not MacDo !
The Unicorn !
Glacial erratics 
Everyone loves arches :)

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