The mirror-like reflections on the mountains on the still water. Note how the cleft between each erode in a pile of gravel at the foot of the cleft.
Thao so bundled up she did not get cold
The group of photographers setting up their tripods
With more light the appearance is very different
Delicately carved texture
Yet another glacier that melted to a trickle
We loved those intensely blue line, apparently formed by water freezing in cracks
The aqua blue of the underwater part is also beautiful
Wavelets splashing on the ice beach
A cave lit by the reflection of the underwater ice
The refrozen water blue lines are transparent and reflect light beautifully. I don’t understand though, how if a crack filled with water, the cracks are so exactly bisected by that thin dark line in the middle. Maybe the water freezes evenly from both sides and the dark line represents the last interface to freeze. This is just my speculation !
This is the ice melting: it is real !
Nicely polished mountains on the side of the fjord. At some point all this was under ice of course.
The chiseled appearance 
Sweaty ice
The gravel has a velvety appearance behind the iceberg
Big enough for a ski slope
Nice dappled light effect on the mountain from the thin clouds
Sensual curves
Whipped cream or meringue ?
Delicately carved itsy-bitty berg !
Another arch for our collection 
A black line: gravel and dust inclusion ?
The same arch, now with backlighting, appears completely different
A scale or leather-like design
We saw surprisingly few contrails although South Greenland is in the North Atlantic corridor !
The front of a TGV ?
A mysteriously ill-defined cloud
Jewel-like bits of bergs shining in the sun

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