A seriously overcast day...
Yeah an Arch ! 
Apparently arch form by wave erosion in a small fissure in the glacier and extend progressively with the ceiling of the arch progressively collapsing from lack of support. When the arch totally collapse it leaves pillars on either sides.
No you can't zodiac through ! That block of ice on top is gazillion of tons !
Beautiful blue line of refrozen water in cracks
Nat Geo has a million add with their boat framed by an arch, in glorious sunshine... Oh well, this is poor man attempt to duplicate !
We were in a similar boat called the Donna Wood that miraculously had not sink during the past century !! Although it made a serious attempt while we were there: during a storm sea water poured into our cabin! Awful
Interesting gravel inclusion in a crack
This glacier pooped up before reaching the sea, a common observation with global warming (sorry ! Climate change !)
Here the rock has been nicely eroded by former glaciers !
Meager late morning sun
The only marine mammal (only mammal !) we saw during the whole trip was this lonely seal.
A thin layer of cloud hangs 100 m up.
Tidal (or tidewater) glacier reaching the sea
Looks like sunset but this is mid day !
Guess who does not need double jackets 🤣
Differential sedimentation of gravels along the edge of the glacier (lateral moraine)
The snout of the glacier
Different gravel in the lateral moraine
The thin layer of cloud hanging
What could be prettier in such a window than...
...a pretty face ! (Although this model requested a little plastic surgery --huh photography-- 
before agreeing to pose
In any valley between bumps, great amount of gravel accumulate, brought by the melt water
I have a preference for that clear ice !
Looks like a confectioner's sugar dusting on a chocolate cake !
Just a hint of light through the clouds
Free gravel !
Another tidal glacier
...and its lateral moraine
Cocoa powder on ice cream ?
This cave could grow into a future arch

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