One evening we went on the Zodiac to a small cove near Red Island. The water was perfectly smooth (except when a piece of iceberg calved) making for very pretty images.
Icebergs have a density around 0.92 g/ml while seawater is 1.03 g/ml, thus icebergs are 10% lighter and 1/10th of the mass is exposed. Here we see part of the submerged ice.
Eroded rocks behind
The beautiful surface made me thing of freshly beaten egg white with sugar to make meringue ! 
Rare birds :(
This is a composite image of the same bird, note its reflection on the water !
Common Eider
Diving away !
A tiny one stranded by the tide !
Meager but colorful vegetation (dwarf willows and crowberries)
Late sunset
Shinny ice
We carried a tripod but on the boat it was not useful of course, so it got very little use
We were rally overdressed !!
The "golden hours"
Thao far away !
Keeping an eye on the icebergs and the sunset
Blue ridges

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