Following the Hrútafjörður fjord
Check your brakes !
Since we missed the opportunity to go whale watching the past 2 days, I found a last alternative that was not much advertised, in Hólmavík. We did not reserve (the weather change so fast !) and just went there on a beautiful calm day ! We were able to see quite a few whales and birds.

Wow, a different shaped church 🤣😁!
We crossed the Westfjords Region on the way to the Snæfellsjökull National Park
Many pretty horses (in a different gallery)
Although the dirt roads are for the most part very good, they are a lot more stressful and they have many "no see behind hill tops" and not unfrequently the road makes a 90° turn right after the top !
Snæfellsjökull glacier 
Lava flow everywhere !
The surf in the lava sand beach
The texture of the flanc of the stratovolcano is beautiful !
The south of the peninsula at Hellnar

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