Sunrise over the Madison Valley
A determined little pine that picked a hard place to grow !
Trees killed by the minerals content of the water
Fountain Paint Pot Trail: steam from Silex spring frozen on the adjacent trees
Almost a B&W image
Designs in the snow drift
Color bands from various thermophilic and extremophilic bacterias
The Silex Spring vent
Other almost B&W pictures. I did render them also as B&W but the minimal color in these was prettier then just B&W
Mud squirting from a fumarole
These "flowers" were just super fragile hairs and sheaths of ice build up from condensation of the steam. Beautiful and so temporary they almost looked like Ranonculus
A small eruption 
More snow and no visibility
"Chocolate Pots" on the Gibbon river
"Firehole falls"
Snow drifts over the river
Gibbon falls
Snow and ice accumulated over the rocks and logs
Trees and hill curves
Gently meandering
Near Dragon's mouth spring, the pale sun reflecting on the pools
Nearly spherical snow accumulation on a rock
Boiling mud
From a distance I though the Park service had taken advantage of a fumarole to get a picnic table with foot warmer... Mistake this was a fence to prevent people from stepping in the fumarole ! Note the asphalt of the parking lot is warm enough that snow doesn't accumulate !
More "lonely trees" compositions
The line in front of this tree is the unfrozen segment of the Yellowstone river (the white in the near part of the image)
The Upper Yellowstone falls
Pretty tree silhouettes
The "Bobby socks" trees. After being killed by the hot water, trees continue to passively absorb mineral rich water. As the water evaporates it leaves whitish mineral deposits on the foot of the trees.
Norris geyser bassin
Three otters visible of a few seconds
Kepler Cascades 

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