This is the FlightAware tracking data for that day. Going West from Helsinki to Chicago
The island of Grimsey (north of Iceland) you can see the landing strip !
THe Westfjords region (North-West of Iceland)
Beautiful sunlight. These are all just with the cellphone (Galaxy Note 8)
The Ísafjarðardjúp fjord 
Arriving over the West coast of Greenland: lots of icebergs
For location, this island is at 64°14'31.5"N 40°55'10.9"W
The glacier in the left third of the image in innominate...
But the one on the left side of this image is the "Graulv glacier (lat 64.35, Lon -41.5667)
Nice view of the frozen icebergs in the fjord. The Graulv glacier is an isbræ type of glacier (fast flowing)
The two main branches of the Grauvl glacier. Note the pretty crevasses well seen in the low sun light.
The North-East coast of Labrador

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