The dirt spots in the front are Prairie Dog burrows
Bigger herds of Bison
Prairie dogs on alert
The reflection of the Prius is visible in his eye !
This bison was grazing and I could not get a good view. Accidentally I turned on the music (Beethoven chamber trio) and he raised his head to listen ! Yeah Beethoven for Bison !
Boxwork in Wind cave
Scratching a itch
Scratching head !
"Look my Elvis hairdo !"
From Wind Cave to Badlands
Unpaved roads and poor neighborhoods
... but pretty wild flowers !
Bureau of Indian Affair Road 2. Take gas before going !
This one has frontal bossing !
Mule deer near Yellow Hills
This looks similar to Zhangye  National Park
A panel described how erosion "missed" a few high spots of grass like in the top of this image, and that pioneers used to disassemble their hay equipment to lift it up and collect the hay !
Big horn ewes
The Eastern end of the park

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