Too much sun for Thao !
Columnar basalt (lava that was thick enough to cool slowly)
Ruppell's Griffon Vulture building a nest. A first I thought it was a mother and chick...
...but she sends him to the Home Center for extra building material...
... and he obliges with a small twig!
Topi antelope calf full of energy !
Don't poke your eyes with those acacia thorns !
Masai Giraffe (more lobulated then the Reticulated Giraffe)
Ants nests in Acacia thorns
Hippos have big mouth !
Lake Naivasha
Not too deep !
Fishing eagles
Hippos !!
"That evening sun is bright in my eyes!"
"Mom, no fair ! You can walk here, but I have to swim! Can I rest on your neck ?"
"I feel sleepy!"
Yummy water hyacinth 
Waterbuck family 
"I want to float like a duck!"
Sacred Ibis

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