"Any lions on the left ?"
"Any lions on the right ?"
"Ok, we can cross !"
Ground hornbills
"Careful there, kiddo, it's full of lions !"
Lilac-breasted roller
"Common sister, time to get going !"
"At least those tourists provide shade, and the shade comes to you, you don't have to walk to it !"
"What do you think we get that fat one with the white t-shirt ?"
"They are savory, but their shell hurts my teeth, so you have to wait they get out of their shell !"
"I need my morning Java !"
"Ha ha.. here pure Kenyan coffee ! No Java!"
"They are taking a long time to get out of their shell !"
"I can't wake up this morning !"
"Let's impress the tourists and do parallel exercises"
The unicorn impala
"Did you wipe your butt well ?"
Female Yellow-throated Sandgrouse
Couple Yellow-throated Sandgrouse
Striped Mongoose
"Hey You ! Why don't you come for a short swim ?"
"He he.. Good one :) "
Secretary bird
"Mom is incredibly big !!"
Rueppell's Vulture
Banquet for hyena and vultures

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