"I'm thirsty Mom!"
"I had to pee!!"
Superb Starling
"High five!"
"Did you  wash behind your ears ?"
Yellow-necked Spurfowl
Grey Crowned Crane courting dance
"He will protect me !"
"My ass!"
Little itch
Egyptian geese
Great egret and heron fishing together
Pedestrian priority
Little itch
Talcum powder for elephants
"I'm already getting grey eyelashes!!'
Baby shower
Not much left! Note the shadow of the other elephant trunk drinking.
The light weight... and the heavy weight
Holding during turbulences
Big daddy
"Honey, why don't you put the kid to sleep ?"
Elephant hug
"I love you too!"
Elephant French kissing
"You sure you busy tonight ?"
(Elephants have testicondy!)
Musth bulls
"Go there ??"
"It's too deep for me!"
"...and muddy inside!"
Like Cedric said when he was in kindergarten: 
"Life is hard, and then you die!!"
Superb Starling
"You think ?"
"Oh you make this up!"
Time for a dental cleanup
"My mom is the strongest !"
Marking territory 
Learning to joust from the bigger boys
"I won, I won !!"
Too hot to work

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