The 3 brother cheetah (seen in the Attenborough movie)
"What do you think of those kids over there ?"
"You're kidding, remember what the warden did to Uncle Chee ? A carpet !!"
"Ok, then those zebra ?"
"Naa... they give me blurred vision when I chase them !"
"Ok, you look one side and I look the other !"
"Still they are tempting..."
"One hoof closer and I go for it !"
"I need to stretch !"
"Mom, give me some too !"
"Mom... Got milk ?"
"That one is not tasty, I don't want it !"
"Too hot to hunt !"
Nothing in the picture ?? 
7 lions !! Don't step on them !
Kigelia, Sausage Tree fruit
Those fruits are 30-100 cm long,  poisonous and purgative, but eaten by  baboons, warthogs, elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, monkeys, and porcupines
"Gentle where you walk ! Baby on board"
"I am telling you, you need to eat your grass, otherwise you will never get strong !"
"Oh Dear, too much oxytocin ! I have galactorrhea again !"
"Stop wasting Mom, I hungry and can barely keep up !"
"That was a funny one !"
Hot pink nipple !
"Let me tell you a secret ..."
"Promise you won't tell !"
"Yes, I saw it !"
"They all do that !"
"What are you whispering ?"
Barely taller then 3 apples...
"Leave me some ticks, I'll be right there !"
"What do you think of my hairdo ?"
"No sneaking... I can see you behind me !"
"Let's go check her daughter !"
"I had to pee really bad !"
"A lion ? Where ?"
"I don't see it !" "There, under that bush !"
I can't get too many of those African sunsets !

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