We rented a car and followed counter-clockwise road 1. The first day was the left portion from the airport to the first red dot. The visiting started at that point and until the second red marker.
The weather ? Well it rained every day, but this offered beautiful ever changing cloud coverage. 
"Bad weather makes for good pictures" is really true. 
With all that rain and the volcanic landscape there are rivers and waterfalls everywhere.
Seljalandsfoss is a 40 m tall waterfall. An undercut in the softer underlayer rock allows to walk behind. This was a little too wet for the camera so we passed and just watched the tourists !
A brief ray of sun shines on the water dancing in the fall
The spray was so strong I could only take 1 picture before the filter was all wet
Continuing the road west. A nice sun spot on the hill
Skógafoss, is a 60 m waterfall 
I love this image: the desaturated color of nature and the bright colors of the tourist jackets
Northern Fulmar washing in the fresh water
Ever changing magnificient clouds
Reynisfjara. This is a black sand volcanic beach. The next pictures are taken near that small lighthouse.
View to the West. The sky color is constantly changing. Note the aqua blues on the left of this sky. The cliff is high...
So beautiful colors, but so transient
... and tall cliff attract people to lean over !! The girl actually seems a little pissed at what her boyfriend is asking. Note the other tourist on the top a little further. He is leaning in the wind to not been blown over !
We were endlessly fascinated by the black sand
This is the mirror image from the first view of this lighthouse
Puffins nest here. Their clumsy flight is fun to watch. They are heavy swimming birds and their wings barely carry them.
The view towards the East and the double arch of Dyrhólaey
Dyrhólaey viewed from the East
A small rocky island illuminated by backlight
Here again, columnar basal, but further polished by the waves loaded with lava sand
Nothern fulmar
He is really keeping eye-contact
An isolated pilar stood up, like a single tooth in an old edentulous person
Reynisfjara beach
All that lava and water makes for fertile ground
A couple resting in front of Reynisfjara
Like in all beaches, heavier pebbles settle on the highest part of the beach
A Fulmar resting
The beach is known for rogue waves (nothing to stop them since Antarctica !)
The Vic church. Seems like in Iceland they designed one church and build many identical copies: they are all the same.
Sheep feed on a precipitously vertical pasture. No one will dispute their grass !
Grey sky...
... and on the other side of the road: blue sky !
Kirkjubæjarklaustur. volcanic rocks covered in a short plant (moss ?) giving it a velvety appearance
Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon (try to pronounce this :) )
A 100 m deep canyon created by the release on an impounded glacial lake about 2 mya
I didn't think i could climb the steep pathway so Thao went ahead to take the pictures I might not be able to get. 😍. Actually I did it but very very slowly ! 
That thumb-looking rock is associated to all sorts of legends. You pick your own analogy 🤣
A window in the rock

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