Some wandering peacock visiting !
The great Blue Heron fishing in the pond
Red-tail hawks
That blue jay though it was time to get away !
The couple
Green Heron
Adults have a dark cap on the head, a dark iridescent, greenish-blue back, and a dark, rust colored neck. The legs are yellowish, the bill is long dark and pointed, and the neck is often kept pulled in tight to the body giving the bird a stocky appearance. 
This one perched on our heron statue to have a good fishing spot in the afternoon light
Our duck "Kwoin-Kwoin" comes to investigate
The eye position allows a good vision "underneath" the head
Wild turkeys
Belted_Kingfisher a female (the rusted color bra, same feature as the kingfisher in the Pantanal) juvenile (the rust color spots on the necklace) 
Kingfisher nest in burrows on river bank

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