The pretty Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge, a beautiful example of segmental bridge, which is close to where we live
It is also a "suicide" bridge, thus this sign !
Views from the bridge
The parkway is 444 miles (715 km) and is a gently rolling scenic 2 lane road surrounded on both sides by enough forest to conceal almost all other cities and villages. It is very popular among bikers, cyclist and even horseback riders, plus of course drivers 😁
Back home (this is in the tool shop)
Note the little caterpillar on the edge of the mushroom
Lots of beautiful mosses thrive in the forest
Plenty of Turkey Tails
A beautiful form of Lycopodium called Diphasiastrum digitatum (groundcedar) with its upright strobilus carrying the spores. This is a tiny plant no taller then 10-15 cm and in some places in the pine part of the forest it grows in beautiful carpets of intense evergreen color.
Ginny doing research on the various plants
We rode the golf cart uphill then did the walks downhill and Thao later went to retrieve the golf cart.  Even so a walk that needed some breaks for me !
The burrow  of a "Burrowing crayfish" a terrestrial crayfish that lives near water and digs tunnels to that water table in order to get the water they need to keep their gills humid
An old uprooted sycamore stump with a shoot developing from the base. This is similar to "nurse logs" but here this is a regrowth from the original tree.
A linden (Basswood) leaf
One of the 3 creeks
Mosses with their stobili growing on an old uprooted stump
A pair of "stick bugs"
Russula emetica, not good to eat as its name implies!
Roberto was attracted by all the old wood benches I had made for my mother, years ago
A lotus seed-pod
The Little Turnbull creek that borders 2 sides of the farm
Bonfire... but too wet to burn well 😣
Paper lanterns
PJ's limo 🤣
Our beaver cuts tree 20-30 cm from the ground and they often regenerate "brush-like" stems
A still active box turtle in late October. It was sluggish though and did not retract in its carapace, even in our presence
These are Shitake mushroom that we grow by inoculating logs
Dew drops on a spider web
A popular lunch place !
A Red-tail hawk near the bedroom window
An orphan deer that stayed with us about 2 weeks

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