Bear prints
Interesting differential sedimentation of various sands in the river bed, the basis of chromatography!
Those grizzly pee all the time !
Waiting and looking
"Strange smell here !"
"Maybe I can duck behind this grass and she won't see me ?"
The REAL tourist trap !
"Hey Bud, there is one much closer, and she is looking at you !"
"To dart or not to dart ? That is the question !"
"Don't pick me !"
"Yummy fish scrap ? or tourist ?"
Wolf print (see section on Alaska, Wolf)
The photographer's photographer
"Pfeww she did not want us !"
... Picking up stick... They are slower than salmons !
Sniffing for salmon scraps
"You come any closer and I'll flick a bugger at you !"
"Mom, not so fast this is deep and lots of current !"
"Where does she sees those fish ?"
"Mom, what is this ?"
"These are bear butts, my son !"
"No mom, those fish colored one ..."
"Oh.... these are BARE butts !"
Jaw dropping !
Bear footprints
Thao in the big waders
Yes, don't look so long !

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