Near Surprise Glacier
Peeking around
Many mothers and pups
Old guys, looks grouchy ! 
Big old guy !
"I got a fish THIS big !"
"Mom, let me nurse !"
This one caught a salmon: a big amount of food for him
In Geographic harbor
In Kinak Bay
"Look another tourist boat !"
"Yoo Hoo!"
"They are blinding me with their telephotos lenses!"
"and those diesel smell bad :( "
"You think they want our fish ?"
"Honey !!! Not now !! They are looking !!"
"I want them to go away... what can we do ?"
"Not sure..."
"Oh I know !"
"I'll moon them !"
"Good idea, me too"
"Don't come too close huh !"
Cracking a shell by hitting another shell
Eating the shell
A film of water over his head
Eating a root

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