A mother with 3 cubs
2 boys...
... and a little girl chewing on a salmon mandible!
"Where did mom go ???"
A catch
"Don't take my fish tail !"
"Oh oh !! She is gone again !!"
"Stay close to me!"
"Mom! Get a fish !!"
"I can already taste it !!"
Sun starting to rise... got another salmon
Bear cubs don't share any more willingly then kindergartners 
Keeping it for fair shares
"... me too, me too !!"
Lots of growling !
Another !
Big male bear coming, the female and her cubs moved away !
The seagulls are waiting for the scraps
The red spot on the beak is natural color, not a blood spot
She ate plenty of berries these past few days !
Coming VERY close ! I was trying to look for ear wax :D
"Stop pushing !"
"Maybe i should get one of those tourists, they move a lot slower then the salmon!"
Some bears eat on the spot, in the river, but to share with the cubs, it is easier to go to the bank
"Hey don't look at me like that!"
More growling !
"I didn't get me share!"
"Head for me, Tail for you !"
"We go ? We wait ?"
Real close ... Thao has a little tachycardia :)
Big claws!
"I don't see any fish ! Where does mom find them ?"
I feel cold for him !
...devour !
Thao bundled up for bear watching and mosquito avoidance !
Big guy coming close, but he prefers salmons to Thao !
They don't pay attention to me ! I could sneak on them !

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