"I can smell YOU !"
Synchronized drinking
This older guy came after "all these girls and babies" were done, so he could have the water for himself
Note the drainage from the temporal gland. These can be up to 3kg and the make the shape of male elephants different from that of females. These are apocrine glands similar to sweat glands. Elephants only have sweat glands above their toe nails !
A bigger guy
"Out of my patch !"
The elephant whisperer
Going to the bar
Just like kids: the fun of blowing bubbles with a straw !
"I'll slap you if you get near my kid !"
Pink galactophorous ducts ! How elegant is that ?
No eyebrows but what about those eyelashes ?
OK Ladies, stop complaining about wrinkles and crow feet ! It could be worst !

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