After a refreshing drink what could be better than a good skin care ? This lady elephant is spraying mud all over herself.
The mud feels cooler as the water evaporates, it leaves a layer that blocks the sun (sunscreen!) and it encases parasites that can then be peeled off by rubbing the dry mud against a tree.
All moms love to put creams on their kids !!!!!!!!!! I was a vicitm of this practice myself !
After the top, time to add some down below
Note the jet of mud ! They clearly don't have too sensitive truncal mucosa !
Second layer for baby shower.
A layer for the breasts.
Done! Time for the daughter to practice.
After the cream, time for powder.
A good spray of thin dust.
Refill the proboscis.
More dust
"Mom !! Tell me before you do that ! I got plenty in my eyes !"
That was a GREAT spray !
Different skill level ! Not quite pro yet
This one did a pretty thorough job
Everyone now !

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