African squirrel, a bit bigger then a chipmunk
On an old termite mount
Giraffe skeleton
The footprint of the elusive leopard that we never saw
A waterhole like those seen from the plane
Warthog (Phacochoerus)
Nice sideburns 
Tight scrotum with pronounced epididymal-testicular groove
Small termite mount
Male buffalo
Lunch with the elephants
Scaling Mt Termite
Brush fire in the sunset
I thought  that, that dead tree looked like a profile of an antelope 
Just being shy
"I hold you Mom !"
We looked at the bleached skeleton of a dead elephant. The guide said he was an old guy, and I though not possible his epiphyses are not fussed! So we had a little controversy. When we for back internet the next camp, I found out the Elephant, Mammoth and Mastodon apparently are the only 3 species that don't fuse their epiphyses which could be a reason they grow so big!! And by the way I learned that amphibians and reptiles don't have epiphyses!! Lots of things I learned!
The unfused epiphysis !

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