Blacksmith Plover
Little Bee-Eater
One of the employee of the camp weaving a basket that Thao bought
Composite image of Marabou preparing to land
Lechwe and Marabou
Composite image of marabou landing
Yellow Mongoose 
Bachelor group of Lechwe
First time trying the "Fisheye" lens. The field is so big it was hard to not get myself in the picture, especially wedged in the mokoro as I was. 
The water is very shallow
Many Water Lilies everywhere whose rhizomes must have laid dormant until the arrival of the water.
Ischnura senegalensis Tropical Bluetail
Only way to not get the photographer in the picture: Point and shoot !
A perfect mirror
Malachite Kingfisher
Note the wake ripple behind each blade of grass. There is a strong current although the water is just filling the Okavango Delta
Little Egret, with its pretty feather on the back of the head
Juvenile Little Egret (no long nape feathers yet)
Composite image of Little egret taking flight
In the mid-afternoon the light is still silvery-gold, not the deep gold hue of later
This picture is dedicated to the "Flat-earth" nuts :D :D
Composite image of a Saddle-Billed Stork taking flight
Egyptian geese
The mirror sun

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